CVM helps clients use data to make better marketing decisions

From crafting an Analytics Strategy to developing Statistical Models and Databases through to Implementation Services, CVM’s expertise helps you design and execute successful marketing programs.

Analytics Strategy

CVM helps clients craft an analytics strategy to unlock opportunities. learn more


CVM develops databases to address the needs of marketers. learn more

Statistical Models

CVM specializes in developing statistical models to understand and predict customer behaviour. learn more

Implementation Services

CVM offers a full range of implementation services to help marketers use our solutions more effectively. learn more

CVM helps clients craft an analytics strategy to unlock opportunities

Working closely with you to understand your business objectives, we analyze your data and how you use it. Out of this analysis, we identify key opportunities for you to use data more effectively and develop a plan for making it happen. 

CVM specializes in developing statistical models to understand and predict customer behaviour


Predict the likelihood that a prospect or customer will respond to a campaign and the expected value of that response. Only target those who have a positive expected ROI. 

Customer management models

Predict customer cross-sell or up-sell potential and allocate resources accordingly. Develop attrition and win-back models and focus retention efforts on those at-risk customers who you can successfully retain.


Predict a prospect's purchase likelihood both with and without being targeted in a campaign. Only target those whose purchase likelihood will increase as a result of marketing efforts.

Channel & Offer Models

Identify which communication channel and offer level will be most effective. Speak in the right way with an appropriate offer.


Measure the lifetime profitability of each prospect and customer. Don't spend more acquiring or retaining them than they're worth. 


Identify key segmentation dimensions and categorize customers based on their purchase behaviour and consumer or business demographics. Customize your marketing strategy for each segment.

CVM develops databases to address the needs of marketers


Our custom databases are designed with marketers' needs front-and-centre. We consult closely with you to understand your business objectives and database requirements in order to create a marketing database that will support a full range of BI queries, reporting applications and program execution functions.  


CVM works with IT and other stakeholders to access internal data and build the marketing database. For clients who don't have the desire or expertise to manage their own databases, we offer database management services. Whether you wish to store your data on our servers or your own, we look after the technical issues so you don't have to.  


We source a wide range of data products, including prospect lists and neighbourhood-level socio-demographic data. Our relationships with list vendors allow us to get net-pricing for our clients: we score a vendor's entire prospect list while our client only receives and pays for the highest-scoring prospects.

CVM offers a full range of implementation services to help marketers use our solutions more effectively

Database & Model Updates/Scoring

We update the various database elements needed for predictive models and calculate the latest model scores to support up-coming programs. 


Using client and/or third party data, we create target and test cells based on business objectives and model scores. We then extract the final lists and send them to the client or directly to deployment vendors. 


We make recommendations on test cell design, including statistically valid sample sizes for both target and random control cells, and help establish a “champion/challenger” testing philosophy for on-going target optimization.


We help track campaign results by matching prospects to responses using key codes or names & addresses as required. We also create and run program tracking reports, help interpret results, and make recommendations for program enhancements.

CVM's approach is defined by these core attributes


Our analytical solutions have a sound business logic and are practical to implement given existing technologies, processes, and resources.


Our open-book approach involves clients in the development process, helping to ensure broad understanding of the solution and how best to deploy it.


All of our solutions are built from scratch using the methodology and statistical technique best suited for the problem at hand.

Our clients

We've worked with B2C and B2B clients across all stages of the customer lifecycle: from acquisition and approval, to cross-sell and up-sell, through to retention and win-back. Our client base spans a broad range of industries across North America, including banking, insurance, telecom, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, not-for-profit and packaged goods.

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